Delivering Affordable Peace of Mind

About GDPR Audits

GDPR Audits was established in 2019 by banking and compliance professional, Margaret Julian. In her 19-year banking career, Margaret worked within a compliance environment specialising in data quality and risk control. She also brings with her auditing role expertise within the retail banking sector, where she ensured that compliance was maintained to the highest standard.

Margaret’s consulting specialities and expertise include central bank regulatory compliance and data protection legislation, specialising with the financial sector, the HR industry, and small businesses.

Today at GDPR Audits, she works to help clients in the financial sector, HR industry and businesses to safeguard and comply with what is required under regulation and legislation.

The focus is to provide support to businesses in achieving compliance and in turn protect their clients, their resources, and their reputation.

GDPR Audits works closely with businesses to draft new policies and procedures required for the implementation of regulatory compliance, ensuring that clients and businesses are protected and fully compliant with the Data Protection Commission (DPC).

Margaret Julian

Our Ethos

At GDPR Audits, we strive to provide a service to our clients to give them peace of mind. As a small business ourselves, we understand the challenges that come with day to day operations and we work hard on compliance so that you can work on sales.

We also talk your language – because why make things more complicated than they already are!

And finally, because all you have in this life is your name (as my father used to say), honesty, trustworthiness & professionalism matters in our reputation and yours – we will strive to keep that safe.