Central Bank Compliance Audits

We provide a range of services for financial brokers that can help your business monitor, review, and identify any areas of weakness with a Central Bank Compliance Assessment. We can keep you informed, in a constantly evolving regulatory landscape, to ensure that your firm remains compliant.

Central Bank Compliance Review Includes:

  • Getting to know your business so that we can guide you through compliance
  • Ensuring your practices, policies and procedures are up to date
  • Reviewing your client files to ensure they are in line with regulatory requirements, such as the Consumer Protection Codes
  • Ensuring you and your staff are compliant under Fitness & Probity / Minimum Competency Requirements
  • Ensuring a robust complaints process is in place
  • Identifying any gaps in compliance and delivering to you a comprehensive report
  • Working with you on a compliance action plan

A robust compliance regime means that your business

  • Avoids loss of clients
  • Avoids reputational damage
  • Avoids enforcement action from the Central Bank of Ireland


We provide peace of mind that you are compliant with clients in all aspects of your processes

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