Data Protection Officer Services

Data Protection Officers (DPOs) oversee a company’s data protection strategy and implementation to ensure they are complying with GDPR requirements. The GDPR Audits team is registered with the Data Commission Office and qualified to provide Data Protection Officer services.

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In certain circumstances, GDPR requires businesses that process personal data for EU citizens to have a Data Protection Officer in place to oversee compliance

Who Needs a DPO?

We’ll help you identify whether or not you need a Data Protection Officer for your company.

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We’re experts in data protection law and best practices for every type of organisation.

GDPR Data Protection Officer Services

Our team is registered with the Data Commission Office as qualified Data Protection Officers.

Bespoke Solutions

Every company is unique, so we create tailored bespoke solutions to suit your business needs.

Everything you need for data protection compliance


Our experts conduct thorough GDPR Audits and provide recommendations to help your business to become compliant with the data protection regulation.


Once we’ve established the current state of data protection compliance at your company, we create GDPR implementation plans and guidelines to move toward the golden state of compliance, including Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs).


GDPR at its core reshapes the way organisations approach data privacy and marketing. We’ll help you establish best practices when it comes to marketing consent and ensure you and your employees stay up-to-date with policies and procedures with our customised GDPR training programmes.

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