Privacy & Auditing Services

GDPR Audits will conduct a full data auditing process to help highlight the gaps in compliance and identify areas for improvement.

What Does Non-Compliance Mean for Your Business?

Many pre-requisites for contracts now require that businesses can demonstrate compliance in data protection and privacy.

Could you be black-listed or not accepted for accreditation?

Could you be reported to the Data Protection Commission?

Data Subject Rights

Could you be the subject of an investigation for not upholding an individual’s data privacy and protection rights?

Implications of Enforcement Action From the Data Protection Commission

The more time spent on an investigation is less time spent on your business. Your business may suffer a loss of clients as a result of a GDPR breach. Your business may suffer reputation damage as a result of a breach. Your business could be subject to fines.

Why Audit my Business?

We can help you understand where the gaps are in your compliance with GDPR regulation. We will assess your business and provide you with comprehensive feedback on the best steps forwards to better data protection. We can then work with you on closing those compliance gaps, whether it is data retention issues or procedures and protocols that need implementing, we can do it all or guide you when you need us.

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