Data Protection training for staff

In order to avoid the threat of a breach it is important that all staff keep updated with GDPR requirements. GDPR Audits can provide a training programme tailored to suit the needs of your business

GDPR in practice

With our training programmes you will gain a practical understanding of how data protection impacts the work place

Refresher GDPR Training

Make sure everyone in your company is up to date with the implications of GDPR regulations and knows how to handle data with our training programmes.

Data Protection for business start ups

Knowing what to do from when you start to grow your business means that you have peace of mind you are on the right track.

New Staff training

Have you had new staff join your business since the implementation of GDPR? We can provide one – to – one training on site so that it doesn’t impact the day to day running of your business.

Bespoke Solutions

Every company is unique, so we create tailored bespoke solutions to suit your business needs.

Everything you need for data protection compliance


Our experts conduct thorough GDPR Audits and provide recommendations to help your business to become compliant with the data protection regulation.


Once we’ve established the current state of data protection compliance at your company, we create GDPR implementation plans and guidelines to move toward the golden state of compliance, including Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs).


GDPR at its core reshapes the way organisations approach data privacy and marketing. We’ll help you establish best practices when it comes to marketing consent and ensure you and your employees stay up-to-date with policies and procedures with our customised GDPR training programmes.

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